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Tossing the Bouquet!

Tossing the Bouquet! Posted: Monday, January 02, 2017

"Tossing the Bouquet"

I recently meet with a Bride-to-be who had been recommended by a friend & work colleague whose wedding flowers I had done. During our discussions with her wedding flowers she said she had caught her friends wedding bouquet at her wedding which was 2 years ago and she is the first to be married of all the guests since the wedding.

This is how it works; at the end of the reception just before the couple leave all the single lady guests are gathered together, the bride is a few metres away with her back to them, tosses her bouquet over her head to the waiting ladies. Whoever catches it will be the next to tie the knot and find happiness.

So what is the story behind this tradition?

It all started many centuries ago in England. In the day the "Bride" was esteemed to be very lucky and blessed as she was "getting married" and wasn't going to be a spinster and die alone. Just remember back then women were reliant on husbands who were the bread winners, so if they weren't married what were they going to do - maybe stay at home or live a lonely life!

So at the wedding it was thought that touching or grabbing a piece of the wedding dress was "Good luck"; guests would try & grab a piece of the dress or veil as the couple were trying to runaway on their honeymoon. To avoid the stress of being touched and grabbed brides began throwing their bouquets to distract the guests. Thankfully guests were totally happy with this idea and it in time became the tradition of Tossing the bouquet.

On a practical note brides often ask for an extra Throwaway bouquet to be made as they don't want to give their lovely bouquet away. This bouquet is usually the size of a bridesmaid bouquet which is smaller and a little easier to throw. It can also be an addition to your decorating during the reception.

So it's true, it does work!