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The life of a Wedding Florist

The life of a Wedding Florist Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2017

It all starts with the prospective Bride-to-be contacting their preferred wedding florist. This is were the communication starts with details of the wedding, style of the wedding, photos of bouquets, dresses and decorating ideas are given.The florist will give some professional advice if needed, advice with in-season flowers available, colour selection in what flowers, greenery selection if needed. Greenery can be quite important as it can make a difference in the style of the bouquet; last but not lest accommodating the budget.

Once the designing is finished, the calculations of how many of each flower is needed, different flowers come in different size bundles. Flowers are ordered approx 2 weeks ahead of the wedding date. As each season is different and we are dealing with fresh live products, sometimes certain flowers will not always be available so having a second choice is always a good idea, at times substitution is done only days before delivery.

A few days before the day the flowers are picked up from the couriers. Once home the unpacking begins, this is an exciting part to see what the flowers are like. That might sound funny to you "surely you know what you ordered", Yes we do but it depends at what stage the flower is harvested, how tight the heads are, what size is the head,what hue is the colour.

Flowers are then "conditioned", i.e. taken out of their cello wrapping, stems cleaned of the lower-half of their leaves, daggy petals, stems re-cut, and thorns removed if they are Roses! Tulips and Roses are re-wrapped in paper. Depending on the stage of the flowers growth some flowers are put in the fridge and some left to Open.

The creative time of putting them all together takes place up to 24 hours before the big day. Species & colour bunches have to be divided so the right number of each go into each bouquet, buttonholes, corsages, decorations etc. I often work at night as I know I won't be disturbed, I often play some music depending on my mood, motivation, inspiration & energy as to what I play. It could be Instrumental relaxing music to Tears for Fears, Mumford & Sons, U2, Eurythmics (please don't condemn me for my music choice!!) trouble is it has to compete with the fridge cutting in & out.

In the morning final touches might be done, creations photographed then packed up for delivery or pick-up.