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Spring wedding flowers.

Spring wedding flowers. Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The term "Spring Flowers" probably originates from the northern hemisphere where the climate is a lot cooler than here in sunny Queensland. They are the first flowers to bloom after a cold winter and a sure sign that spring is here.

The first wave of flowers are usually the bulbs - Snowdrops, Daffodils, Jonquils; the second wave are the perennials & annuals along with some flowering shrubs.

So I will feature the most popular ones that can be used for your wedding. Be mindful that these flowers like the cooler temperatures so sometimes you will have to find alternatives if you are getting married in the warmer months of the year.


Freesia's are dainty, elegant & fragrant, available most of the year except Dec & Jan, coming in white, mauve, yellow and orange/red colours. Can be incorporate in many styles of bouquets.


Tulips come in an array of colours, singles, doubles, frilly's and parrot varieties in nearly every colour (except blue). They are the most tempermental of them all especially when there is warmer weather, they keep growing even after they have been cut. Can look lovely as a bouquet just of Tulips for that elegant bride.

Jonquils are lovely to add to other flowers as they have a lovely perfume. 'Earlier cheer' is a favourite a creamy double flower.

Anemones are a vibrant, bright flower, member of the Buttercup family. they come in white, purple, red & crimson with an inner circle of black so they are quite striking and if your looking for something a bit different, garden style or bohemian this is a flower for you.  


Ranunculi are grown from corms and are also related to the Buttercup family; bright, delicate and cheerful flowers with a clean look full of layered petals as if someone had cut the petals with a knife. Beautiful colours of white, yellow, orange, red, pale & bright pink. Ranunculi can blend in with a variety of styles from classic to garden style bouquets and go well with Roses.


Last but by no means lest, the favourite of them all the Peony; - a ball of delicate tissue like petals in layers. They start of as a tight ball on a strong stem opening out to almost sometimes resemble an old English rose. Coming in white (most expensive), pale pink, dark pink & coral colours, their season is the last week of October to the first week of December a mear six weeks. So if you are a fan this is when to plan your wedding day although if you can afford an expensive bouquet they are imported from Europe in our Autumn. Peonies suit the Classic & Elegant bride or incorporated into other styles of weddings.