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Edible Flowers Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018


YES you can eat some flowers! We know that flowers have wonderful powers of soothing the soul, bringing joy to our hearts and saying what No words can say.

They are full of vitamins and fibre too but it's knowing which ones to eat and which ones not to touch. Then there is also the factor 'have they been sprayed with chemicals' in which case you shouldn't eat these either, this includes commercially grown flowers.

So as well as looking beautiful which ones can you eat? Rose petals make great jam & Rosewater, Lavender can be made into icecream, Zucchini flowers can be stuffed or battered and deep-fried.

 Marigold & Calendula taste spicy & peppery, Nasturtiums are one of my favourites are a bit peppery similiar to watercress. Borage has a sweet blue flower and tastes like cucumber - a great decoration for Pimms; Violas, Pansies and Dianthus/Pinks are mild & slightly sweet ideal for cake decoration.  There are others like Snapdragons, Dandelions, Zinnia's and flowers from edible herbs like Mint, Thyme, Rosemary & Marjoram. For cake decorating flowers can be crystalized too these include Rose petals, Pansies, Violas etc, brush petals lightly with whisked egg white, sprinkle with caster sugar and leave at room temperature to set for 1 - 2 hours before using.

A few tips for harvesting, cut with a knife or scissors to minimize the damage to the plant as they will keep producing, picking in the morning or late afternoon and only pick what you will use.

Flowers to avoid are strangely enough are Sweet Peas these can be substituted with flowers from peas & beans. Azaleas, Daffodils, Foxgloves, Oleander and may others, if your not sure best to avoid them. If you want to decorate cakes and other foods with non-edible flowers by inserting them into food always have them wrapped in florist tape so none of the sap touches food to be eaten.