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Buttonholes - who should where them?

Buttonholes - who should where them? Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016

This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked, so hopefully this blog might help you.

Buttonholes or Boutonnieres go back to the medieval times when a knight would wear a flower in his Lady's favourite colour on his lapel, to show a symbol of his love & devotion.

Buttonholes are worn on the left lapel pinned from behind or if the Guys are only wearing shirts we can use a magnet taped in the flower & the other magnet is worn inside the shirt, they are small but very effective.

In days gone by it was usually a white rose but nowadays anything goes including gum nuts & berries. Roses are ideal as they are quite robust along with Orchids, Australian native flowers, Gypsophila (Babies breathe), plus may other flowers and combinations are very popular now. Flowers and leaves are usually wired and taped together often with stems wrapped in ribbon or twine.

So who should wear a Buttonhole? Let's start with the groom and his groomsmen, then it's usually the male members of the wedding party. There are no hard & fast rules and perhaps it will also depend on your budget. So fathers of the bride & groom, grandfathers, the MC, paige boys can be included too. Ladies can wear them in which case some ribbon can be added to make them a little more feminine.

The other important question I'm asked is what flower or colour should be used? Usually the florist will suggest something from the bridal bouquet to match in with the colour theme. Sometimes the grooms buttonhole can be slightly different from his groomsmen e.g. slightly bigger, different colour or an added extra to signify 'He's'  the special man. Sometimes the groom & his men are one colour and the other male family members are another colour again. It's all personal  choice.