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Autumn Wedding flowers

Autumn Wedding flowers Posted: Friday, April 28, 2017

Autumn is a another popular time for weddings with the weather being at it's best with lovely pleasant days and slightly cooler evenings.

In years gone by weddings at Easter were very popular but I find that this is not the case anymore.

This gives a chance to look at a different lot of flowers to choose from to enhance that special day. The local rose season is slowly winding down especially for the lovely David Austin old style roses, so here are some suggestions.

We will start with Lissianthus, a lovely soft romantic, elegant flower; a cross between a rose and a small lily with 2-3 flowers per stem. It comes in lovely pastel colour range - white, soft pink, mauve, pale mint green and lastly to a vibrant deep violet great for the purple coloured themed weddings. We suit the romantic & classic bride.

Beautiful sweet scented Stocks start their season at the end of March, they have also have a range of pastel colours in white. lemon, pink, lilac and also a mid range purple,they go well with Lissisanthus. They are a single stem with multipule smaller flowerlets for 5-7cm opening from the bottom upwards.

The Celosia family is not your average traditional flower, it's something quite different, rich & vibrant and has a modern bright vibe reminding of a velvet fabric. Varieties include Bombay with the ripple, Brains is as the name suggests and Feather is smaller not unlike a flame. Colours include red, burgundy, hot pink, orange but also a pastel lime and peach.

I'm going to include Chrysanthemums in this section, even thou they are available all the year round but originally this was their season. Otherwise known as Chrysies they come in various shapes, forms & colours; this classic and long know flower comes in a daisy, polaris - a small head in the same colour, disbuds which are often used in wedding bouquets - a single large flower and also ping pong which is like a round ball, button - a variety which are quite small button flowers on one stem. Flowers come in white, yellow, lilac, plum, burgundy and a rust brown.